Caring for the Environment

At New Elk, we strive to preserve the long-term safety, health, and vitality of our natural environment as responsible operators and stewards of our lands and resources. We operate to the highest environmental standards, to protect, manage and mitigate potential impact from our activities.

Water is our greatest resource, second only our team. New Elk is committed to protecting, maintaining and enhancing our water resources. We have a number of proactive measures in place to minimize potential impacts on water quantity and quality. This includes collecting all water used as part of our operations and using ponds to separate and treat onsite water. We also use the best available tools for continuous monitoring, reporting and water analysis, to improve our operational management of this vital resource.

Protecting air quality is a key focus of our environmental management activities. We continually monitor weather and wind conditions to elimate dust in our underground and surface activities.

The importance of protecting air quality also extends to the storage and transporation of the coal, where we use dust suppressants, coverings and water sprays to keep the coal in place.

We are proud partners with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), and strictly enforce and monitor activities to protect and enhance the wildlife in and around our operation. Land areas are restricted and reclamation activities adjusted to preserve and protect the wide variety of wildlife and vegetation growth in our area. We also recognize the many hunting activities that our area provides, and our footprint is purposely small, to mitigate possible interference with established wildlife migration.